About us

The Neuroception 360™ scientific and clinical team is knowledgeable, innovative, and insightful. We work on your body’s nervous and energetic systems. These are system technologies meaning they assess and impact the whole body organically. Our vibration techniques detect body rhythms and stimulate systemic responses. Every functioning human body is effected by rhythms and vibration. NC360 provides the appropriate frequency and intensity for healing and human performance.

We have developed the inaugural retreat to be an immersive experience. Which means that everyone will have a unique pathway during the retreat. Each will connect with personal rhythms, reset imbalances, and formulate a pathway to new neural capacity for each individual.

Bruce Wayne Meleski, PhD

Bruce creates human performance systems for elite athletes, executives, and wellness clients. Innovations include automated exercise training for more than 400,000 athletes, executive wellness programs that integrate exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction, and the creation of a systems approach to mental well-being using the latest neuroscience. His work with light, sound, and vibration began in 2009 and continues to evolve to reach more people and reach new insights.

Dr. Meleski received an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he earned an MA and PhD in Human Biology and Sports Science from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focused on the impact of sports participation on youth and women athletes. His career at IBM and healthcare providers has blended information systems, healthcare delivery, and human performance.

He has been a lifelong wellness enthusiast, competing in Master’s swimming, weight lifting, and primitive camping to escape daily urban life.

Gregory Hyde, MD PhD

Greg is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist with over 25 years experience. In addition to his broad knowledge of allopathic medicine, he has been incorporating biophysical energy methods, bridging Eastern and Western medical philosophies, and healing deep rooted chronic issues. He started this energy quest when half his vision was restored using sound in 1998.

Dr. Hyde attended Brigham Young University as a Spencer W. Kimball Scholar where he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He received his medical training at the University of Washington School of Medicine where he graduated with honors. He continued with residency training at the University of Washington where he simultaneously completed a PhD degree in the Department of Biological Structure. His thesis work studied the metabolic control of the neuronal injury response using a hearing loss model. He received numerous grants and awards for his work as well as publications in top neuroscience journals.

He currently works with his wife, Elena Merani Marr, ND, at The Vita Institute

Elena Merani Marr, ND

Elena grew up in Milan, Italy, and studied Chemistry and Foreign Languages before moving to the USA. Because of her own health challenges, she changed her career path and began studying natural health in 2006. Her studies resulted in passing the American Board Certification examination in Naturopathy in 2016.

Dr Marr was invited to be a consultant at the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine in Dallas, Texas, from 2017-2019. While there, she recognized and began documenting the relationship between emotions, toxins, vitamins/nutrients, and infectious organisms. Empowering her clients with this knowledge creates a framework to restore health and vitality for manya wide variety of chronic ailments and challenges.

She now works with her husband, Dr. Greg Hyde, using their combined knowledge of Natural, Orthodox, Eastern, and Western Medicine to bring the best practices to their clients.

Other Faculty

Additional faculty will present seminar topics, share integration tips, offer group sessions of yoga, meditation, body movements, and learning opportunities to ensure your retreat success.