NC-360 Retreat methods are systemic in nature which means that a states of mind, metabolic, and energetic profiles shift regardless of how one presents at the beginning of the retreat. Here you will find a sampling of testimonials from faculty clients and benefits include sleep, healing, happiness, insight, and relationships.

We apply repeatable energy frequencies using vibration and sound, your body responds according to its current energetic state. The NC-360 Retreat faculty interpret those changing energies and provide your personalized profile as a result.

Internal Healing

When I arose from the massage table, Elena said to me, “Welcome to your new life, your new body!”  Little did I know how far-reaching those words were.  Here’s what has happened.

Since 2003, I couldn’t sit quietly anywhere without falling asleep or at the very least feeling like I hadn’t slept well for days.  It made it nigh impossible to watch TV, read a book, sit, relax, or even meditate.  All that has changed, my energy doesn’t flag nearly as much; most days now I rarely nap, or, if I do, its because I enjoy a power nap of 10 minutes.

You expanded my insight on my kidney issues.  You tied my hearing loss to my kidneys and that both were calcified.  You indicated that my body needed birch bark to heal, birch essential oils, and, you would release energy during the session to address alleviating these issues.  You informed me that my kidneys were next to my ears during fetal development, both kidneys and ears have a similar shape, and the kidneys move downward in the body as the fetus grows. Wow!  So ears and kidneys share some mutual issues.  You then spoke that my ancestry is linked to the problem.  You are right.  On both of my family trees, hearing loss is prevalent going back at least three generations including three of my own siblings and my son.   I knew the genetic link and figured nothing could be done, however, my hearing has improved and I do hear some subtle sounds more easily.

I can’t thank you enough for all the benefits I have and am receiving.   I consider your work miraculous!!  I would love to have my entire family work with you.


Improved Relationships

Thank you Dr. Mel.  I just completed the best Thanksgiving day with my family in years.  I dreaded plans to celebrate Thanksgiving at my brother’s home this year, yet all of those fears were unfounded after I completed three Mind Alive sessions before the holiday.  

You talked about a “slow trigger” to emotional upset and I experienced it dozens of time during the day.  Normally I would disappear and stay away from personal interactions and leave early to avoid a total breakdown.  Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, my mother did not trigger me, and I got to play with my nieces and nephews.  What a wonderful day.  Thank you.


Happiness & Joy

Dr. Mel’s Mind Alive Experience is profoundly effective, yet impossible to put into words. It feels like a massage for the Soul! A full-spectrum clearing and release into a blissful state, one you never want to exit. Dr. Mel’s techniques create a multi-sensory release resulting in joy and happiness that is both immediate and long lasting. Be sure to absorb the goodness of your new mind state. In just 3 sessions, I achieved a permanence that only new neural pathways can provide. Savor the sensation and enjoy!



Every night for more than 20 years, I have been taking prescription sleep medication to help me fall asleep.  These medications have been critical for my sleep and recovery, however, as I approached 65 years old, I recognized that the sleep pills started to affect me in the morning.  I began to realize that I had morning brain fog.  

As a CEO of a small company, the brain fog began to affect my work.  Something had to change.  I spoke to my doctor and they did not have any real solutions, just different prescriptions.  So I started to seek out a natural approach to get better sleep.  I had met Dr. Mel four years earlier and he referred me to a massage therapist and chiropractor, both really helped me.  At the time, I was not trying to get off my sleep meds.  Three months ago, I reached out to Dr. Mel to help me fall asleep without pills.  He told me that all clients who went through his sleep program, reduced or eliminated sleep medications within six weeks.  I thought it was worth a try.

Dr. Mel coached me on sleep hygiene and sleep preparation.  He then suggested that I complete the Body Logic Experience to relax my body and improve my mind/body connection.  On the very first session, I experienced a relaxation that I had not experienced in decades.  I came eight times in the first two weeks and I began to feel differently.  That night at 11 pm, I felt truly tired.  I thought I should try going to bed without my pills.  I did and I slept through the night.  So I have been sleeping without medication for more than two months.  Thank you Dr. Mel!


Insight & Empovering

Dr Marr is a gifted practitioner and her work has made all the difference in my family’s health. A born educator, her manner is nurturing, winsome, and wise, and her expertise has helped our household feel better than we ever thought possible. She has worked on me personally, navigating some very difficult symptoms and emotional challenges, all the way down to our young children and her care of each of us has been incredibly professional, kind, accessible, and knowledgeable. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be clients of Dr Marr; her work has literally transformed our health and we are deeply grateful.


Talent, Knowledge, and Spirit

Dr. Marr is beyond gifted, she is God sent.  She has helped me in ways that I didn’t even know that I needed.  She heals at the soul level to get to the root cause of physical issues and emotional patterns.  Dr. Marr unlocks the mysteries of your body so that the healing can begin.  In her hands, there are truly no barriers to health and emotional well being.  After one session you have hope, and with a little more work you can soar.

Dr. Hyde is a very unique combination of a super smart medical doctor and Medicine Man, a healer in natural ways.  He knows how to help the body heal rather than just treating symptoms.  He has an unlimited capacity for learning and is open to new and better ways to doing everything which I find really refreshing. His desire to share his knowledge uplifts his patients.  With one treatment he helped me with a painful condition that my regular doctor told me that I would just have to take pain pills or learn to live with it.  You can imagine the joy of not having a life long painful condition.  Dr. Hyde is God’s gift to us all.